Butchery services

The Backridge Butcher can process your wild game meat. We specialize in taking whole carcasses, and for your convenience we will skin it for you. We are also happy to accept fresh or frozen trim from deer, pigs, beef, goats or sheep. All you need to do is supply us with your meat and discuss your order.

What we offer

  • Skinning of animals.
  • Boning & vacuum packing.
  • Game sausages.
  • Game sausages GF.
  • Patties.
  • Patties GF.
  • Salami.
  • Salami GF.
  • Smoked cheese kransky.
  • Kransky sausages GF.
  • Smoked chorizo sausages GF.
  • Smokey bacon and maple GF.
  • Biersticks.
  • Biersticks GF.
  • Merlot & cracked pepper GF.
  • Honey soy sausages GF.
  • Boerewors sausages GF.
  • Saveloys.
  • Saveloys GF.
  • Chipolatas.
  • Chipolatas GF.
  • Sausage meat tubes.
  • 500g mince tubes.

We will pack your order to a size that best fits your requirements, and can transport frozen anywhere in New Zealand.

* Minimums apply. Please discuss with BRB.